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Muhd Fadhli

Chief Physiotherapist
Founder, The Rehab Lab

Fadhli had completed his studies with a Bachelor (HONS) in Physiotherapy in Ireland. He has had experience working in various settings, from acute hospitals, community hospitals to outpatient clinics, presenting him with a variety of clinical conditions including post-operative conditions and musculoskeletal/sports related injuries.

Fadhli has extensive experience working with athletes, as he has provided physiotherapy coverage for the Singapore National U-19 and U-16 soccer teams at various international tournaments. He has traveled with the teams to Japan, Hong Kong and Indonesia to provide pitch side medical coverage and also rehabilitation during their recovery periods.  

Fadhli also enjoys conducting educational and health awareness talks to various stakeholders. He has been invited to conduct workshop in Myanmar, India, Seychelles and as far as Mozambique. One of the highlights of his career was to be invited by office of the First Lady of Mozambique to present a keynote health talk to Her Excellency’s ministers, governors and leaders.

With a particular interest in spine injuries, Fadhli strongly believes in combining hands-on manual techniques and therapeutic exercises to reduce pain and improve quality of life. He is a strong advocate for education and active participation in rehabilitation as these processes are important to achieve a better outcome for any condition.

Whether they are desk-bound workers trying to get through work daily pain-free or an elite athlete, Fadhli is always determined to get them back pain-free in the shortest amount of time.

Muhd Fadhli
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