Do the things you love,

STRONGER AND pain-free.

What is the TRL-MOVEFREE™?

TRL-MOVEFREE refers to a proactive approach model of care that encourages people to work on their underlying impairments and imbalances even before injuries happen.


The Rehab Lab has pioneered our very own TRL-MOVEFREE which is a concept of care that has been designed to allow a thorough analysis of how your body moves and understanding your movement patterns to identify your underlying issues as a whole and prevent future injuries.


This is done by incorporating the latest evidence-based research, an exercise and manual-therapy based intervention.

TRL-MOVEFREE aims to get you doing the things you love be it a new sports or activities or anything in general, stronger and pain-free. The program consists of 2 components spread over two days:


  • First Component (60 mins) - Movement Assessment and Analysis:

  1. Static Assessment

  2. Dynamic Assessment 

  3. Movement & Functional Assessment

  • Second Component  (45 mins) - Rehabilitation and Treatment:


  1. Individualized Treatment 

  2. Corrective Exercises and Rehabilitation




STEP ONE: Before your session - What to expect

Stay Hydrated and Limit Food

Our body needs some love! Keep well hydrated before and after your session for the best results, and try not to eat any heavy meals an hour before your appointment.


What To Wear

Make sure to wear short shorts (think -80s tennis player style… well, ideally), and a sports bra, tank top or t-shirt. Anything comfortable! Oh, by the way, smelling so fresh and so clean wouldn’t hurt either. 


What To Expect

We might get you to go into different, sometimes challenging movements. But don’t worry, it’s a good way to analyse your movement patterns and rest assured, you will experience results from your very first session.

STEP TWO: During the first TRL-MOVEFREE™ session


Static & Dynamic Movement Screening

The initial session will be all about you. We will start with a comprehensive and thorough review of your history and your daily routines, your habits, your problem areas and your goals.


This will allow us to understand your body and ‘you’ as a whole person better and will aid us in identifying any potential bias or imbalance that your body might be hiding from you.

Functional Movement Screening

This section will comprise of two components. The first will be a movement screening where we will get you to perform a series of tasks (like squats, lunges, single leg stands, etc.) in order to understand how your body prefers to move.


The second is the gait screening where we analyse the way you walk and how it reveals any overall imbalances in your body.

Upon completion of all these assessments, we will have an in-depth discussion of your assessment findings and will devise a clear physiotherapy plan to solve the issues causing pain or locking up of your performance so that you can perform better in the things that you love to do.

Treatment Plan

The last stage during your first TRL-PP™ session will be the discussion of your movement assessment findings and we will formulate an individualized treatment plan to correct your movement patterns and make you moving stronger and pain-free.

Throughout the assessment, our physiotherapists will be working with your body to release tension and restore balance with manual therapy and exercises to get you back to doing what you love to do freely, without any limitations.

STEP THREE: After the second TRL-MOVEFREE™ session

Treatment and Rehabilitation

The second TRL-MOVEFREE session will focus mainly on your customized strengthening and rehabilitation work to improve your running based on our findings during the first session.

Feeling Sore or Slight Discomfort

You may feel sore or slight discomfort after your second session, but don’t worry, soreness for a couple days after treatment is completely normal. As your body gets used to the exercises and you come more consistently, you’ll feel less soreness following your treatment.

Keeping The Changes

A good TRL-MOVEFREE session is like a good workout – you need to keep recovery in mind. Stay consistent with your prescribed exercises and fluid intake to assist in the recovery and to help your body stay hydrated. Same applies to sleep, try your best to get a good night’s rest following your treatment to reap the most benefits and help your body heal.

Spread The Love

If you like how your body is feeling, don’t keep it a secret. Make sure to spread the love to your family and friends and let them know what they’re missing and how they can move better. We always love getting a thank you via social media as well, make sure to tag @therehablabsg so we can give you emoji high fives.




  • 1 Movement Assessment Session (60-80 mins)

  • 1 Treatment & Rehabilitation Session (45 mins)