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Introducing our TRL-RUNFREE program designed to help you run pain-free
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Our physiotherapists will assess your running gait and your muscular imbalances to understand the root cause of your symptoms.

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Our physiotherapists will work on your impairments through mobility exercises, running specific strengthening exercises and neuro-muscular activation drills.



We will work together with you to achieve your desired goals, be it running pain-free, improving your timing or mileage. We will achieve your goals together.

How does a Running Assessment improve my running?

3 of 4 runners experience a running related injury each year. Contrary to the general opinion, running is a skill. To become competent at any skill we go through different stages of learning, building upon a foundation and continuing to refine as we practice. Why should running be seen any differently? Many runners simply throw on a pair of shoes and start running, without ever actually learning how to run efficiently. 

Running miles and miles on top of an imbalanced structure increases our injury risk. With a Running Gait Analysis, we can rapidly speed up this process by getting our running form professionally evaluated. This takes the guesswork out of the picture.

In a running assessment, we will identify the weakest links in the kinetic chain which will direct us to the areas to work on before injuries occur. We will also identify the areas where you may be unnecessarily placing excessive load and show you how you can modify this load. We will also evaluate your running program and provide feedback on load management and training programs.

What is the TRL-RUNFREE™?

TRL-RUNFREE is a program aimed at improving your running performance regardless of your running level. It consists of 2 components spread over two days:

1st Session (60-90 mins)

✅ Consultation and assessment

✅ 3D video gait analysis of your running on the treadmill

✅ Assessment of your strength & flexibility

✅ Assessment of any movement asymmetry during your run

✅ Assessment of any muscular imbalances

✅ Movement Screening using MAT Ax

✅ Advice on improving your training plan

✅ Identification of any other areas for improvement

✅ Review footwear, training intensity, etc.

2nd Session (45-60 mins)


✅ Reviewing your running form & gait

✅ Reinforcing running specific drills

✅ Corrective exercises to improve your muscular impairments

✅ Rehabilitative exercises to improve your running mechanics

✅ Neuromusclar running activation drills

✅ Strengthening and mobility exercise precription

✅ Guided training plan

✅ Further recommendations and advice

The two days TRL-RUNFREE Program is suitable if you are having some of these conditions...

  • Runner's Knee (Patellafemoral Syndrome)

  • Achilles Tendinopathy / Tendinitis

  • IT Band Syndrome

  • Shin Splints

  • Hamstring Injuries

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Stress Fractures

  • Ankle Sprains, etc

Case Study 1:


Bilateral knee pain after running at the 6km mark onwards. Very hard to increase distance and pace despite increase in cardiovasular training.

✅ After TRL-RUNFREE: Able run longer distances (10km upwards) pain-free.

Case Study 1: Amir, 28


Bilateral knee pain after running at the 6km mark onwards. Very hard to increase distance and pace despite increase in cardiovasular training.

✅ After TRL-RUNFREE: Able to run longer distances (10km upwards) pain-free.

The two days TRL-RUNFREE Program Will Allow You to...

  • Correct your running posture.

  • Fix your constant aches during your runs.

  • Make running feel easy & natural.

  • Reach your running goals in less time.

  • Run pain-free, stronger and faster.

Case Study 2: Nick, 37


Left ankle pain during running limiting ability to run further. Very hard to increase more than 4km due to ankle pain.

✅ After TRL-RUNFREE: Able to run longer distances (8km upwards) pain-free.


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Fix the root of your issues.


Stop running in pain. Learn and understand your body better. Unlock and engage your muscles the way it's meant to move through our two days flagship TRL-RUNFREE program. Start your journey today.


Running Gait Analysis

Our running gait analysis is carried out by our experienced sports physiotherapists with the aptitude to pick up any deficits in your running gait.


Corrective Drills and Strengthening

Based on the findings of the first session's assessment, our physiotherapists will prescribe an individualized exercise and rehabilitative, running-specific treatment program to ensure that you run pain-free.


Achieve Your Best Performance

Through a consultative, specific exercise and performance based approach, we’ll create a road map to achieving your desired running goals.


Get REAL results.

Start your journey now.

A TRL-RUNFREE program may be exactly what you need to be in control of your running.



"I can't seem to improve my timing and running distance. What should I do?"

If you've ever asked these questions, look no further, you're only one step away from running PAIN-FREE.



What is the TRL-RUNFREE?


TRL-RUNFREE is a flagship running assessment program by The Rehab Lab. It is a two days program developed collectively by our experienced sports physiotherapists aimed at improving your running and, ensuring that you run faster, stronger and pain-free.

What is the difference between the first and second sessions?


The first session is an assessment targeted towards finding the root cause and source of your pain during your runs. We will also start prescribing exercises during the first session so you can get started on correcting your running gait.

The second session will be focused on rehab work comprising of mobility drills, running specific strengthening exercises, neuro-muscular activation of muscles during your runs, exercise prescription and further recommendation to improve your running.

What am I supposed to bring?


Please bring along your running shoes and be in a comfortable sports attire. Please avoid eating heavy meals 1 hour prior to your session.


Are there any age limits?


As long as you love running, there are no age restrictions to our RUNFREE program! We provide our customized and individualized interventions depending on your symptoms and findings. We have seen clients as young as 8 years old up till 65years old.



What are the rates?



Comprises of:

  • 1 Running Assessment Session (60-80 mins)

  • 1 Treatment & Rehabilitation Session (45 mins)