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Muhd Nash

Senior Physiotherapist

Nash has dedicated over eight years of experience in the community sector since earning his BSc (Hons) at Trinity College Dublin. His extensive work primarily with geriatric and middle-aged clients in community hospitals and day rehab centers early in his career, has deeply influenced his advocacy for proactive health promotion and injury prevention.

As a competitive middle-distance runner for ten years, Nash has gained a profound understanding of the necessity for comprehensive rehabilitation following an injury. His firsthand experience provides him with a unique perspective on the biomechanics of running and the common injuries that runners face, enabling him to develop targeted, effective treatments.

His approach to physiotherapy is distinctly movement-based, focusing on treating the root cause of an injury rather than just merely symptoms. This ensures a more sustainable recovery, faster, and helps prevent the recurrence of injuries. Nash’s combined expertise in physiotherapy and his personal experience as an athlete makes him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to overcome injuries and enhance their overall health, mobility and wellness.

Muhd Nash
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