Life moves at a fast pace, and your body shouldn't slow you down.
We focus on your body's potential and free it of its limitations, so you can live a  stronger and pain-free life. 

About TRL


Humble Beginnings Over 7 years of pasta and coffee, Fadhli and Ying realised that they share a lot of similar approaches and treatment philosophies as physiotherapists. The two friends also shared the same beliefs that each patient deserves an individualised and customised treatment approaches and SHOULD NOT be assessed with the cookie-cutter and standard textbook methods. They also observed that the current medical scene is of a reactive type, encouraging people to seek help only upon recognising certain symptoms or only when injuries have already been sustained. These two friends decided then to take this to the next level. They formed a team and started advocating that society should in fact, be taking a proactive approach to rehabilitation. It took the team 25 months (endless) of research and planning before they managed to conceive their beliefs, notions and therapeutic approaches into what is now known as The Rehab Lab (TRL). That is the story of the birth of TRL, which now serves as the cornerstone of modern physiotherapy.


A COMPANY WITH PURPOSE The Rehab Lab focuses on enabling every individual to move stronger and pain-free at their fullest potential. Choose movement, not medication. TRL intends to develop and change the perception of physiotherapy into one of a proactive lifestyle choice. Choose prevention, not injury. While the end goal is centred upon the wellness of the individual, TRL places high emphasis on proactive injury prevention through a robust movement and strengthening exercises coupled with manual hands-on techniques. Choose learning, not dependence. TRL finds joy in its constant pursuit of educating people to change the perceptions of the traditional rehab industry by enabling each individual to be independent & confident to use their body as how it should be, thereby living a stronger and pain-free life.



It’s a priority for us to be transparent with you. We want to hold the highest morals, not just for ourselves, but most importantly for YOU.

When TRL was still in its incubation stage, we wrote down 3 values that represent what matters most to us. As we strive for greater excellence, these values will always keep us grounded.

Trust (T)

The foundation of any good relationship starts with trust. We aspire to create this level of trust not only with our team, but more importantly with all our patients. With trust, solid teamwork and collaborations can be forged, leading to greater achivements and progress together.

Relationship (R)

Anyone who walks into our clinic is already considered a big part of the TRL family. We aspire to instill this level of dedication, mutual respect and empathy towards all. We are constantly channeling our efforts and nurturing each other into building lasting and sincere relationships.

Learning (L)

Being a space which represents a dynamic learning environment, TRL finds joy in its constant pursuit of educating people. TRL's message is to be brave and creative in challenging limitations! We believe everyone is a leader in their own ways. Learn something new everyday and bring the knowledge to grow to greater heights.

These three values emcompasses what we believe at TRL. We are on a mission to change perceptions. It will take time. Most importantly, we don’t stop learning and encouraging each other to improve based on these three values which we uphold strongly.