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The Rehab Lab is a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore that adopts a holistic movement based approach when it comes to your health. Our expert therapists provide targeted exercises and hands-on therapy to treat the root causes of your injuries. 

improve your body control

align your posture

help you feel your best

optimize your movements

reduce your pain

improve your performance

No bullshit, just real results.

We make taking care of your body easy. We do the common things uncommonly good. One session with us may be exactly what you need to be in control of your life.


I live in the US for many years. I have given up on physio and learned to endure the pain in my lower back and left hip area for many many years. The phrase Pain-Free has been erased from my vocabulary.

Unbelievably fortunate, this changed two weeks ago when I was introduced to Fadhli while I was in Singapore for vacation. I began to understand my issue is not nerve related, Fadhli reduced 90% of the pain on my body within the first three sessions. I cannot believe I will ever see this day!!! It's mind bothering great news for me, and truly life changing!

I had 6 sessions with Fadhli before I departed for US. As instructed, I have been focusing on conditioning the muscles I have forgotten to use over the many years.

I now think Pain-Free is possible for me 😇 Thank you so much Fadhli. I owe you BIG time!!!
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Dan Loo

Regional Manager


live stronger.

Once you're able to move better and freely, our therapists work with you to increase control and strength of this
new range of motion.

We do this through an active movement based approach with corrective exercises that are customised and individualised depending on your needs and goals.

You won't go wrong getting strong.


move better.

Life moves at a fast pace, and your body shouldn't slow you down. We focus on your body's potential and free it from its limitations.

We help you do that through a combination of hands-on work and corrective exercises with the goal of teaching you how to move freely to eliminate your pain. 

Movement is medicine and moving freely is a key ingredient.


live pain-free.

All our expert therapists specializes in minimizing joint, muscle, and nerve pain longer, so you can quickly get back to your routine pain-free.

We do this by treating the root causes, not just the symptoms. We believe that each client deserves a highly personalized 
treatment approach and SHOULD NOT be assessed with a cookie-cutter or standard textbook methods.

We do the common things uncommonly good.


All our physiotherapists are licensed health care practitioners (AHPC certified) with more than 20 years combined experience who can diagnose what your body is telling you and provide treatment to help you move better, live stronger and live pain-free.

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